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Foshan City Summit Sanitary Ware Co. Ltd., is the Guangdong newpearl Ceramics Group Co. Ltd. Foshan city ViVi Pearl Electronic Sanitary Ware Co., the companys strong brand bathroom.
Foshan City Summit Sanitary Ware Co. headquarters bathroom culture life Museum, is located in Nanzhuang Town, Chancheng District of Foshan City, Huaxia Ceramic Exhibition City, business products covering water-saving toilet, intelligent automatic toilet, automatic flushing device, cabinet washbasin, bathtub, shower room, sauna room, intelligent faucets, sanitary ware, hardware accessories. Since its inception, Sumit bathroom will be with excellent quality and customer service for the pursuit, Foshan Sumit Sanitary Ware Co., the first in the industry from abroad, kiln casting machine and other advanced production equipment, the establishment of logistics delivery system is efficient, fast and professional, from the pre-sale, sale, customer service and other services to create brand value marketing the integration management system of modern enterprises, and to high-quality, intelligent service for consumers to provide overall solutions for modern kitchen space.
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